Dragontree consists of San Diego native Rhythm Turner and mystery guitar-man Domonic Michael, along with some of the finest rhythm section players on the scene, including Nick Hein (bass), Jules Steward & Phil Cullin (drums) and Nathan Samuels (keys/trumpet). 

The project blends sounds of classic funk & soul, psychedelic rock, and "medicine blues" for an uplifting, inspired and healing musical experience. 

The live shows funk-ify convention, unhinge the rigid, hearten the heavy-hearted, and support moments of deep connection; connection with ourselves & each other, with the music, and the collective spirit.

Currently writing, recording, creating content, making magic, connecting the dots, making some appearances and raising the vibration.  To stay in tune with musical offerings & news, follow/like in real life and sign up to the mailing list.

Thank you so much!  Dragontree appreciates you.  Let's grow...

We're planting the seeds.... of a Dragontree.

We're planting the seeds.... of a Dragontree.